Wheatgrass Powder - Directions for Use

Mix 1 spoon (3 g) Wheatgrass Powder in a glass of pure warm water, to prevent clumping mix with a little water until smooth and then top up the glass, stir well and drink on an empty stomach in morning for minimum 1 month.

Directions for Use

Do you have a sweet tooth? -  simply add honey or blend with your favourite fruit smoothie or shake.

Green smoothies (avocado, honey, wheatgrass) are great for alkaline body pH recovery.

  • Girme’s Wheatgrass Powder is available in 100 g pack, average amount required for a month.
  • Do not have any food for half an hour before and after consumption.
  • A few drops of honey may be added to enhance taste.
  • Consume minimum 1 spoon (about 3 g) a day and increase as per body acceptance.
  • Some persons may experience nausea or irregular bowel movements in the starting few days which will subside
    once the body gets accustomed to the product. In such cases, reduce the quantity to say half a spoon & increase
    slowly day by day as per body acceptance.
  • Safe - for children, the elderly & women during pregnancy, breastfeeding & if trying to conceive.

Suggested Quantity

A. Normal people (For generally well being and rejuvenation).

  • 1 spoon (about 3 gm) Powder in the morning daily for a month.
  • Repeat the course after a gap of every 5 – 6 months to help overcome nutrition deficiencies.
  • One can continue the Wheatgrass Powder all year as part of an ongoing health program.
  • There are no harmful side effects even if Wheatgrass Powder is taken continuously for long time.
B. As help to overcome health problems:
  • First 5 days - 1 spoon in morning.
  • 6th to 10th day - 1 spoon in morning and evening.
  • 11th day onwards - 2 spoon. in morning and evening.
  • Wheatgrass Powder should be taken for at least 90 days or till satisfactory results are achieved.
  • After that one can continue the Wheatgrass Powder all year as part of an ongoing health program.
  • There are no harmful side effects even if Wheatgrass Powder is taken continuously for long time.
  • Wheatgrass Powder therapy should accompany a good diet consisting of vegetables, soups, sprouts, green salads,
    fruits, juices, dry fruits, etc.
  • Bakery products, fried foods, sweets, spicy foods, overcooked food, non-veg, alcohol, etc. should be kept to a


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Smoothie Making Tips

Step 1

Place the ingredients into blender. Frozen berries and ice cubes can be added to a smoothie to make it cold. Any type of berry can be used; most are very nutritious and full of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Banana is rich in potassium and lends a creamy consistency to the drink. Adding water, juice or milk helps blend everything together and alter the consistency. As both juice and milk have calories, purified water is ideal.

 Step 2

Place the lid securely on the blender and blend the contents. You may need to blend the mixture a little longer if large, hard or frozen ingredients are included. Generally, a smooth consistency starts to take shape after thirty seconds or 1 min. If there are still chunks in the blender, let it run a little bit longer.

Step 3

Stop the blender add one scoop of wheatgrass powder to the contents. If the smoothie appears very thick, as if it would be hard to drink, add a little more water, juice or milk or yoghurt, up to 1/4 cup, to thin it.

Step 4

Blend the contents again for about 30 seconds or until the smoothie has reached the desired consistency.

Step 5

It is now ready to drink. Do not be alarmed by the color of your smoothie; depending on the fruits and juice you added and the color of wheatgrass powder, the final result may look a little green or brown, this is OK. Some settling will occur if you leave it which may look unappetising but tastes fine.